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About this site:

This site was created by Marcos Gabriel, and all stuff here is, I suppose, trademarked by me.  However, feel free to use all this stuff as much as you like for whatever you like.   If you do something REALLY cool, shoot me an email (the contact button way at the top.) 

If you came to this site in 1997, you would've seen all sorts of content like the TUTORIAL page, a GALLERY,  the ORIGINAL WELCOME PAGE, some RAVE FLYERS, and things of that nature.  It's all still here ... but once you start wandering those paths, I'm afraid you're on your own.  Won't be updating those pages ever again.  Fun to look at, but ouch ... it's been a while.

I've moved on, and as much as I thought this site would die off and disappear, it's still going strong.  So, thanks for coming by.

Check out WWW.SOAPBOXFILM.COM (for cool short films, spec commercials and movie stuff)

And also:  WWW.FRESHGAMER.COM (for video game apparel, news and reviews.  Hotness.)